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reintroduction (long) 

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A tall, slight girl with long, messy purple hair.
She wears a pair of thick, green cut-epoxy glasses; the lenses flicker with glowing symbols.
She has a shaved patch on the left side of her head, with a protruding twist-lock electrical connector.

MONSTERS the new album by The Midnight dropped today btw.

It's a gorgeous step by the band into finding a 90s dreamwave style with nods to vaporwave influences creeping in.

nsfw, shitpost 

extremely rare vintage “im gay” post from 1996 selling for 2.7 million in auction at christie’s

@starwall if you don't drinking 2L of vinegar raising your stomach PH towards 1 every day? don't even fucking @ me you pathetic piece of shit

:bing: health effects of drinking balsamic vinegar
:bing: balsamic vinegar poisoning hotline

Fortnite finally has a sharkgirl but she is just a human in an extremely cute shark kigurumi

she was also originally suggested by /r/fortnitebr and the design stayed exactly the same concept art to skin, so I'm glad fellow sharkgirl fans are out there doing god's work.

ancient goblin proverb: when someone presents you with two choices, there is always a third

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@enlightenedferalboy yeah i used to think profit was the only motivation but they are kneecapping our economy with a botched pandemic response while the rest of the world just... deals with it and moves on. truly mind boggling

@dankwraith a few years ago, it could've just been explained as "they wanna make profit." Right now, none of the shit they're doing makes sense. Even if they kill everybody and take all of our money so they can live they don't have a chance without us.

our government is absolutely and totally committed to one thing only, and that is making our completely arbitrary and stupid way of life appear immutable

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