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reintroduction (long) 

my old one was stale and needed an update.

i am Erin.
i am a woman, who loves women. i am trans. i am white. i am young, and a student. i have severe OCD, anxiety, and depression, and a shitton of self-worth issues. i am usually anxious.

i use the surname Moon online. i program software, do maths, and design electrical systems. i am the head of the Rustodon project ( i do ML research for $dayjob.

i listen to and play music. i am trained in piano, but love synths. jazz and funk are my shit, as well as an embarrassing amount of shitty EDM.

i do not generally play video games. when i do, it's usually a lot like work. for relaxation, i read: fiction, comics, nonfiction.

i am strongly left-leaning to the point of anarchism/anarchocommunism. i try to only build systems that do not harm other humans, now or reasonably in potentia.

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A tall, slight girl with long, messy purple hair.
She wears a pair of thick, green cut-epoxy glasses; the lenses flicker with glowing symbols.
She has a shaved patch on the left side of her head, with a protruding twist-lock electrical connector.

horrible lewd joke dont open 

wait is an edgelord someone who's really good at edging

If you're an "ethical hacker" and break into the twitter account of the president and don't either delete it or post some hilarious shit, you're not really ethical, are you

joe formagggio.// gio;a'd nighghnt

The liberals want to turn me into a twink catboy, and you know, I think that's preferable to the alternative

hello this is burger and welcom to chilis can i take you?

anyone know a word for like.... quickness of both body and mind? finesse? acuity? I feel like there are better words for this

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this is kind of just what she does all the time. it's great. cats.

Donations Needed for Seattle Activist Bail Fund! :boost_ok: 

The Northwest Community Bail Fund has been covering bail for any demonstrators arrested while expressing their first amendment rights to speech and protest.

The Seattle PD have started kettling and mass-arresting as a tactic to try to end the demonstrations- that and increasing bail costs have caused the fund to dwindle.

They need donations now more than ever!

yeah i want to get press. 'get press' by a boulder

on the next episode of mastodon: night crew gets really into classic anime. meanwhile, day crew tries to defederate from night crew

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