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reintroduction (long) 

my old one was stale and needed an update.

i am Erin.
i am a woman, who loves women. i am trans. i am white. i am young, and a student. i have severe OCD, anxiety, and depression, and a shitton of self-worth issues. i am usually anxious.

i use the surname Moon online. i program software, do maths, and design electrical systems. i am the head of the Rustodon project ( i do ML research for $dayjob.

i listen to and play music. i am trained in piano, but love synths. jazz and funk are my shit, as well as an embarrassing amount of shitty EDM.

i do not generally play video games. when i do, it's usually a lot like work. for relaxation, i read: fiction, comics, nonfiction.

i am strongly left-leaning to the point of anarchism/anarchocommunism. i try to only build systems that do not harm other humans, now or reasonably in potentia.

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A tall, slight girl with long, messy purple hair.
She wears a pair of thick, green cut-epoxy glasses; the lenses flicker with glowing symbols.
She has a shaved patch on the left side of her head, with a protruding twist-lock electrical connector.

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Fedi is like congratulations you made a post with 30 boosts. You lost a follower and got 2 follow requests from people who didn’t even interact with the post

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finally, you can have all the fun of mesothelioma in minecraft

i want to retheme parts of my instance (purple bc im a fucking fag) and change fonts without doing browserside stylesheets so i can pretend its 2016 again

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"crypto" "currency" 

every blockchain thing must have a technical document that immediately goes into lengthy detail about one small aspect, while neglecting to even include a broad discussion of the architecture, it's properties, and tradeoffs.

it's propaganda written for investors, of course

only effective against people who aren't expecting a real protocol RFC-style doc with structured explanations.

i can't decide whether it's just intentional chaff, or if it reflects the underlying process.

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im apartment shopping and can i just say that i despise these clocks

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helpful guide:
public space travel = good, cool
private space travel = bad, not epic

how do people maintain patchsets (themes, etc) on top of masto nowadays?

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Asbestos Removal v1.1 mod update announcement! 

Asbestos Removal 1.1 is now out for 1.16.x!

- Add asbestos floor tiles, asbestos roof tiles and popcorn ceilings
- Add asbestos removal PPE
- Add config


β€’ Modrinth:
β€’ Forge:
β€’ Planet Minecraft:
β€’ Source:

huh masto really hasn't gotten any major updates since last year in a sense, interesting

still curious if the slice of english-speaking masto and its periodic normal ones that i see are actually the entirety of english-speaking masto or if there are entire other clusters of users that i haven't ever seen nor interacted with. entire communities on here

like... how large even is fedi now? i used to have a mental model but that was 3 years ago when the software and people were vastly different

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why is it that no one knows what fucking ableism means I swear to god

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"from each according to ability and to each abiding to need is an ableist idea" is now a take I've read this morning

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