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it's been a while since i did one of these things!

👋 im erin

a subset of the things i am:
constantly anxious

a subset of the things i do:
program a ~ton~ when i'm not feeling shitty
head up the rustodon project (, a mastodon-compatible platform but in rust
machine learning research for $dayjob
listen to and play music. synths are life
build electronic things
love cuties
hug sad people
attempt to be supportive

[inspired by @bea's introduction. follow her. she's good. <3]

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A tall, slight girl with long, messy purple hair.
She wears a pair of thick, green cut-epoxy glasses; the lenses flicker with glowing symbols.
She has a shaved patch on the left side of her head, with a protruding twist-lock electrical connector.

my girlfriend: shitposts
me: i love you so much

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self-care bot but it just posts stuff like "have you tried being a real person today? or did you retreat behind your collection of signs for another day of siege?"

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Anonymous Coward asked 6 minutes ago

Q: I've been sleeping in a cardboard box, spending every dollar at the liquor shop, and even though I know I haven't got a lot, I'll try to give you love until the day you drop.

A: I've been training like a Pavlov dog, let my independence out to take a hike, all you got to do is activate my bell and I'll fetch you anything you like

Answered by Trev
less than a minute ago

i've never played anything live other than piano and idk how it would go :thinking_fidget:

the new moog subharmonicon looks so good

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if this post gets 100 favs i'll run `sudo kill -9 $RANDOM` five times on a production server

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reclaim ignorant word usage
i am currently uhh transgending

evaluating scale factors 73% |=========== |

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low cost 3D printed snap together aircraft?

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⬭⬢ᗝᗝ⬠⬬⭓☖⬠⬭☗⏣⌬⬟⬢⭔☖⌬⬡⌬ ⏣⭓⭔⌂⭔⌂⏣⭓⬟⬬⭔⭓☖⏣⬟⏣⬠⬟⏣⭓ ⌂ᗝ⭓⬟⏣⭔⎔⬡ᗝ⌂⭔⎔⭔ᗝ⏣⬢⬟⎔⬢ᗝ ⬠⬟⬭ᗝ⭓⌂⎔⬭⬬⬬⬣⬠⬣⬭⭓ᗝ⬟⏣⬢⬡ ⭓⬡⌬⬭⬟⬬⬬☗⬟⬟⬠⎔☖⬣⬭⬢ᗝ⌬☗⬢ ☖☖⌬⬢⭔☖⭔⬠⏣⬭☖⬣⬟⬭⬟⭔⭔⬣⭔⌂ ⬠⬡⭔⏣⬭⬡☗⬭⌂☗⎔⬢⬠⎔

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I feel like there's an entire interesting thesis that needs to be explored about how/why the ideas of 'logic' vs 'computation' got falsely separated into two worlds *because of class/gender gaps in the lived practice of science*.

Not even joking. This is a serious research proposal.

ie, that "logicians" were high-status and usually men, while mere "computation" was seen as a very low-status task, given to women (and then machines), and so logicians struggled for decades to see a link between.

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/remindme order raspi 3b+

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nothing with a multi-million dollar budget needs you to leap to its defense when someone criticizes it

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i can't wait until i live in a little place where i can save up to get a roomba and let it roam around free. i wanna feed it crumbs