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A tall, slight girl with long, messy purple hair.
She wears a pair of thick, green cut-epoxy glasses; the lenses flicker with glowing symbols.
She has a shaved patch on the left side of her head, with a protruding twist-lock electrical connector.

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i really should write an "expand all CWs in current thread" bookmarklet

sick of machine learning hype ...

somebody at work just linked an article titled "Stunning AI Breakthrough Takes Us One Step Closer to the Singularity"

the breakthrough? the next gen of google's AlphaGo program beat the original AlphaGo 100-0. it is impressive!

but getting better at reinforcement learning on a specific task doesn't mean machines are magically going to be superintelligent anytime soon

good night*

* for uncertain values of good and night

i mean, for some value, i could be considered as such, so maybe i shouldn't[1] overload that term

[1]: also other reasons, obviously

fwiw, _tomorrow_
i'm not insane
i would not do that the night before giving a talk

considering livestreaming work and/or fuckery
would anyone watch

til one of the top results for this horrible excuse for a german word that i just made up is a fake shit produced by a german prop? company, describing it as a 'lange Wurst' (long sausage)

it came to me in a flash! --- as if i had a hankering for langewurst --- the two lists were indefinitely expanding sausages! stuffed by extension

imo uvmap is the only real injoke

yall i just drank exactly three tea

is there anything stopping me from doing this

why does nobody patch their instances so that they can use <em> or <strong> tags

_no_ this _is not excessive_ italicization