hey everyone. if you don't know what is, it's a community project i sorta run that offers tools for people around here.

i just launched a new one, it's an instance of HackMD - think Google Docs or Hackpad/Etherpad, but with Markdown, open-source, and hosted by someone who actually cares.

feeel free to use it. or don't. it's up to you.

@er1n there's a crossover of that one video game anime with House, MD ?

@er1n this would be great for ForkOff/Together

We had to make an interim-Google folder today.

@er1n looks cool!

is it OK to use it as a sort of public notepad for things like my experiments with various software, electronics snippets of Asterisk code and stuff that maybe someone might also find useful but is too large for a toot and too small or otherwise unsuited in its present form for a blog post or git repo?

@er1n thanks - just need to remember how to use Markdown. Just one (daft) question - do the documents stay there for as long as you want or expire like hastebin?

(I got bit by that as I put some code on one and forgot about it and ofc it has disappeared when I came back to it..)

I know I am probably being old and really silly but some bits of UI look like Hastebin

(don't worry, I won't fill the whole thing with Schlager lyrics, just wanted to test Unicode handling)😸

@vfrmedia nope, they're there indefinitely as long as you register

@er1n @vfrmedia Btw, if you're not comfortable with something like that, there are also hosted instances of CryptPad abound (I know of,, and, which also supports Markdown among other things, but keeps all data encrypted on the server.

@rixx @er1n thanks for the info. TBH at this stage anything I put on places like this is deliberately for people to see and use; but I'm really impressed at how easily I managed to put some content on it!

(here are some Asterisk hacks for dealing with caller ID formatting), probably rough code, but its useable..


Thanks, #mastodon, for making root removal impossible in-client. Hopefully I remember to log into WiuWiu later to delete

@er1n oooh! (I have many, many treasured memories formed on pads)

@er1n hey this is super cool and I use it all the time

thanks for running it and making my life easier 💙

@er1n thanks for turning me on to HackMD, I’ve been looking for something like this for a long time!
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