:thinkhappy: what if, an alternative to both mastodon _and_ pleroma, which is much less memory-heavy and is a single executable file you drop on your server

help us out

why the hell rust commands are 'diesel' and 'cargo'?? :facepalm:

@er1n after I saw a friend writting a 900 lines long code in rust for a script that would be at most 50 lines of python I was very less hyper by this technology for this kind of applications >_>

@bram @er1n yeah, rustodon might become the most performant fediverse application out there (unless its database or networking will remain a bottleneck), but with another language it could have been completed so much sooner with so much more developer happiness...

@gargron @bram @er1n maybe it was just bad code or a missing library

i mean my rust is both cleaner faster and sometimes shorter than my python and i've been doing python every day for years

Up until a year ago, I'd have agreed with you. Rust was definitely painful to use.

It has changed a lot since, though, I feel it's now actually _nice_ to write stuff in it.

Still a relatively steep learning curve, though!

@er1n pleroma is actually going to bundle releases into a single executable soon, including the elixir and Erlang bits, so the only dependency will be postgres, but fair enough on the faster



'Newest platforms for Thought Policing your proximate universe'

@er1n Good luck with that, but if you think I’m putting a binary blob executable on my web server you have several more thinks on their way soon. ‪¯\_(ツ)_/¯‬

@rotatingskull well, you can build it from source then lol

given the amount of trust put in mastodon's massive codebase (when considering deps, node, ruby), a prebuilt binary is not that bad for most people

@er1n hey is there like a high bandwidth conversation place I can ask you questions about rustodon?

@er1n I do love that about rust, the single executable.

I bet if you limited the amount of users it could support you might even get away with an embedded database.
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