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the 500px archiving project is done! we got everything! you can find it here.

thanks again for all the people that lent us bandwidth!

@er1n only shows 54 results… How many were these actually?

@er1n hmm, each one of these 54? But when I click on one, I just get one image… 😃

I either don't find it, or the UI is just confusing… 😇

@rugk yeah, they haven't processed them into the internet archive yet. each one of those tiles has a single cover image; you have to download the WARC if you actually want any images from them...

(again,we're still working on making the dataset usable - we just wanted to grab everything as fast as possible)

@er1n @rugk you could probably add a browse.html file with JS that loaded up the CDX and made Range: requests to the WARC

I've got code to grab a file from a WARC given its CDX entry, hit me up if you need it

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