yallllll. we need cool anarchist space cooperatives, not fucking SPACEX

@noiob If you would be willing to make a transparent version of this it would become my default KSP flag for sure.

@tindall uh that's literally 30s in ms paint, I can try throwing something actually decent together in gimp tho, what res do you need?

@noiob That existing resolution is fine, I'd do it myself but my work laptop hasn't Krita

Thanks so much!

@noiob Yes! Thank you!
As soon as I get home that's going on some sweet looking spaceships

@tindall actually, let's move that A a little (w/ nontransparent version for easy viewing)

@noiob @tindall So I have a lot of other things to do, but I can't resist...

@er1n how we gonna get the materials and manufacturing necessary to put stuff in space???

@popefucker idk maybe we should think about that sort of thing instead of bein like OH YEAH SPACEX THIS IS OK :thinkhappy:

@er1n spacex thinks it IS the cool anarchist space cooperative tho

@er1n oh, yeah for sure. but it's definitely not an argument against what I said (which is what I thought you were trying to say)

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