reintroduction (long) 

my old one was stale and needed an update.

i am Erin.
i am a woman, who loves women. i am trans. i am white. i am young, and a student. i have severe OCD, anxiety, and depression, and a shitton of self-worth issues. i am usually anxious.

i use the surname Moon online. i program software, do maths, and design electrical systems. i am the head of the Rustodon project ( i do ML research for $dayjob.

i listen to and play music. i am trained in piano, but love synths. jazz and funk are my shit, as well as an embarrassing amount of shitty EDM.

i do not generally play video games. when i do, it's usually a lot like work. for relaxation, i read: fiction, comics, nonfiction.

i am strongly left-leaning to the point of anarchism/anarchocommunism. i try to only build systems that do not harm other humans, now or reasonably in potentia.

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reintroduction (long) 

@er1n hello!

i will do a reintroduction as well :-)

reintroduction (long) 

@er1n oh hey I know you. My pinned toot is as fresh as the day I tooted it.

reintroduction (long) 

@er1n badass❣️

reintroduction (long) 

@er1n Hi! That is some really cool work you are doing decentralized social networking and building/maintaining I am an ex game-developer who now likes to work on web services and security. How would you recommend someone get started hacking on projects like mastadon,? Maybe glitch? Thanks again for all your work!

reintroduction (long) 

@teknoir hmmmmm uhhh iven't actually worked on decentralized stuff for a *while* thanks to school, but i got into working on mastodon via the main project and also did some glitchsoc stuff. i've been here since fall of '16 and knew a bunch of the people that were doing early development, so my advice may not be especially relevant

reintroduction (long) 

@er1n "i do not generally play video games. when i do, it's usually a lot like work."

That's a mood.

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