Masto meta; urgent 

@bgcarlisle that's just how it works though? DM is just a regular conversation, limited to people you mention and you. It's like being surprised someone you CC in your email gets a copy

@MightyPork @bgcarlisle yeah, but it's not the standard ux for convos because dms sort of pretend to be 1-to-1 but they're not


@MightyPork @bgcarlisle on twitter mentioning @foo in a dm with @catlord will not mention @foo. our UX developed from DMs being a weird hack and is highly orthogonal to that of other platforms

@MightyPork @bgcarlisle i think we should add a warning when mentioning a new user in an existing DM thread, something like "you are mentioning @user@domain. this will make this message visible to them. do you wish to proceed?"

@er1n @bgcarlisle I really dislike all the warning boxes that already are there, but yeah... If it helps inexperienced users, it should be there. So long as it can be dismissed

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