mastodon: please do not include silenced users in fav/boost/reply counts! thanks

@imixstimsandkinks mastodon, when it counts the numbers next to stars and boosts, includes users that you have muted, as well as those on instances that your server has silenced. i think it might also include blocked users but i don't remember off the top of my head

@er1n why shouldn't muted count? I mute ppl because I can't stand them/etc. they aren't harming me just by interacting with my posts, tho?

@imixstimsandkinks i don't mind them interacting with my posts! i just don't want to /see/ that they are via counts and showing up in faved/boost lists

@er1n oh, so you want counts and lists to be filtered specifically for each user, not to everyone seeing your toots?

like, if A likes X's toot, and you have A muted, you don't see A's like on X's toot?

... I still wouldn't want that, personally. but I see your point.

@er1n (but also it feels too much like hiding toots that mention the muted user and I don't really like that idea either. I can use filters if I need to, anyway.)

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