i see a lot of people on here wanting a plugin architecture for mastodon or mastodon-alikes. what do y'all _actually_ want out of that? like, which things do you want to be able to implement and how?

i'm interested because i've been thinking about how to do this in , and that's highly dependent on what applications people care about

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@er1n This probably doesn't directly answer your question, but I've seen people ask for things like Pleroma-style markdown, arbitrary attachments, auto-collapsed hugeposts, Tweetdeck-style inline thread expansion/replying, etc

@er1n for a while, I was thinking of making a highly-modular AP system, separated into independent libraries that could be loaded by any high-level language. but this is all very pipe-dream and I don't know if it's applicable to Rustodon, so I don't know if I should spam your mentions with it

@impiaaa hmmmm interesting, i'd love to hear more abt it

ideas, long 1/2 

@er1n the idea is you'd have a "core" library that just implemented the bare minimum to be considered AP compliant, and it wouldn't necessarily even depend on a database, just a web server (and that would be pluggable).
then you'd have a layer to make it twitter-like. and a separate layer for the client API, and a separate layer for the web interface. and they'd all have ways to add fields to models, and add hooks to do things when creating/editing/deleting entities.

ideas, long 2/2 

@er1n so that way, you could have a mastodon-like, or a instagram-like, or a googleplus-like, all with the same core engine. privacy levels would become a plugin. markup systems would become a plugin. or all the fancy features masto has nowdays.

@er1n for me as an admin what I want is the ability to install custom features without having to manage merge conflicts every time the base project code pushes a new version

@er1n specifically, local only posts would be a great module

@er1n Build an API for getting new posts that a bot was @'ed in and replying to them? That would make it easy to port some of our Signal bots...

@er1n Oooh, this kinda makes me want to make a bot to feed audio/video clips into DeepSpeech for transcription/subtitling, though that would probably work better if it were integrated as an accessibility feature in the frontend of <insert Fediverse software>.

@er1n modular overrides, mostly. i'm thinking of something like koken's plugin system where you can install something like photoswipe as the lightbox, or add bits of code into certain places, or load web fonts, or convert spotify/rdio urls into rich embeds, etc etc

in general, a plugin system should allow people to share snippets of code to make the experience better. consider: markdown, rich text editing, theming, and basically any longstanding PR/request in mastodon's github

@er1n that's the catch-22 of this stuff; it's "easy" to do anything but to validate the time and energy spent is way harder if no one is there to use it.

Like I can see things for a tumblr clone being popular esp with the right frontend

@jalcine @er1n


*looks at the three AP tumblr clone projects I started without getting to a minimum viable front end*

@jalcine it's really difficult when people seem to want things but don't really know what they want the interface to do them to look like exactly

@AceNovo @er1n agh re: polls, I'm so confused why we don't have a thing for that yet lol.

@bamfic @jalcine @AceNovo i wouldn't say "violently against it", just "didn't know how to implement it cleanly in a portable way"

@er1n @jalcine @AceNovo Hmm, maybe it was the Pleroma devs who were very much against it.

@bamfic @er1n @AceNovo in any case, saying "violently" or things of that nature with no immediate evidence is a bit dangerous

@jalcine @er1n @AceNovo True, wildly out of control hyperbole. Shoulda done my homework first.
@jalcine @er1n @AceNovo And I completely misremembered that, sorry. CW: Medium link: So, no apparent controversy about polls. Just maybe not the highest priority.
@jalcine @er1n @AceNovo Context nobody cares about: the violent, emphatic opposition to polls was the owner of a political blog I used to frequent (and help with webdev) 10 years ago. Nothing to do with the fediverse. Sucks that I can't even trust my own memory anymore. #oldpeopleproblems #earlyalzheimers. Sorry for the thrash.
@AceNovo @er1n

I'd be interested in both of those for economic federations, but would want the back ends to be activitypub plugins rather than mastodon-specific, if that is doable (although I understand that federatable UI across AP implementations would be difficult or maybe impossible).
@AceNovo @er1n wait, is *that* what s/i/1/g in usernames means?
I thought that was weirdly popular...

@diodelass @AceNovo n-no? as far as i know, i → 1 has nothing to do with rust. i did that because @erin was taken on two years ago when i initially signed up there

@er1n @AceNovo oh, okay, I feel better for not picking up on a pattern then lol

@diodelass @AceNovo also i wouldn't say i'm a member of the "rust cargo cult" (even in jest wrt package manager); it's just a language i happen to be comfortable with that i thought was well suited to writing a fast activitypub server; rustodon was a name that was never meant to live longer than a month or so

@er1n @AceNovo yeah, same here on that one, I know nothing of the community at large and characterizing it as a cult seems both unfair and a little scary
@AceNovo @er1n

> @er1n is working on Rustodon. If you couldn't tell by the name, she's a member of the Rust "cargo" cult.

I didn't know there was such a thing (as Rustodon or the Rust cargo cult...) But I don't get out much. And I barely know how to spell Rusk.

Anyway, Hi Erin! There's two devs working on a ValueFlows-based economic foundation in Holochain. If their project survives the upcoming translation to Rust, maybe some code-sharing would be possible...Alex, do you like Rust better than Elixir?
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