i see a lot of people on here wanting a plugin architecture for mastodon or mastodon-alikes. what do y'all _actually_ want out of that? like, which things do you want to be able to implement and how?

i'm interested because i've been thinking about how to do this in , and that's highly dependent on what applications people care about

@AceNovo @er1n agh re: polls, I'm so confused why we don't have a thing for that yet lol.


@bamfic @jalcine @AceNovo i wouldn't say "violently against it", just "didn't know how to implement it cleanly in a portable way" github.com/tootsuite/mastodon/

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@er1n @jalcine @AceNovo Hmm, maybe it was the Pleroma devs who were very much against it.

@bamfic @er1n @AceNovo in any case, saying "violently" or things of that nature with no immediate evidence is a bit dangerous

@jalcine @er1n @AceNovo True, wildly out of control hyperbole. Shoulda done my homework first.
@jalcine @er1n @AceNovo And I completely misremembered that, sorry. CW: Medium link: https://medium.com/we-distribute/blushy-crushy-fediverse-idol-a-chat-with-lain-about-pleroma-4ff578b99752 So, no apparent controversy about polls. Just maybe not the highest priority.
@jalcine @er1n @AceNovo Context nobody cares about: the violent, emphatic opposition to polls was the owner of a political blog I used to frequent (and help with webdev) 10 years ago. Nothing to do with the fediverse. Sucks that I can't even trust my own memory anymore. #oldpeopleproblems #earlyalzheimers. Sorry for the thrash.
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