i see a lot of people on here wanting a plugin architecture for mastodon or mastodon-alikes. what do y'all _actually_ want out of that? like, which things do you want to be able to implement and how?

i'm interested because i've been thinking about how to do this in , and that's highly dependent on what applications people care about

@AceNovo @er1n

I'd be interested in both of those for economic federations, but would want the back ends to be activitypub plugins rather than mastodon-specific, if that is doable (although I understand that federatable UI across AP implementations would be difficult or maybe impossible).
@AceNovo @er1n wait, is *that* what s/i/1/g in usernames means?
I thought that was weirdly popular...

@diodelass @AceNovo n-no? as far as i know, i → 1 has nothing to do with rust. i did that because @erin was taken on mastodon.social two years ago when i initially signed up there

@er1n @AceNovo oh, okay, I feel better for not picking up on a pattern then lol

@diodelass @AceNovo also i wouldn't say i'm a member of the "rust cargo cult" (even in jest wrt package manager); it's just a language i happen to be comfortable with that i thought was well suited to writing a fast activitypub server; rustodon was a name that was never meant to live longer than a month or so

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@er1n @AceNovo yeah, same here on that one, I know nothing of the community at large and characterizing it as a cult seems both unfair and a little scary
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