day after carrying a 40lb bench power supply out of the dumpster and a few blocks to my office without once setting it down. don't feel too good in the Arms tm

by the way, this boy does 110VDC max regulated output, at /5 A/. it's fucking terrifying and awesome

@er1n I once found a tiny 10MHz single channel Hameg oscilloscope in a dumpster, next to a huge honking ring transformer that was like 35kg

@er1n @elomatreb

definitely worth it, although if I had access to such a thing when I was younger I'd soon enough get in bother with Ofcom (UK Communications Ministry) as my first thought would be to use it to test end stages for pirate radio (or even TV) transmitters 😆

@diodelass the power switch is snapped off and they're just throwing it away wtf

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