i am so fucking angry at psychology right now because of how utterly much of it is complete shit and doesn't help anyone in the slightest

all people w/ $x can't do $y and do $z, in a way that's _always_ maladaptive, entirely because of $q childhood trauma


where do you even go when you're an adult now but you don't feel like one at all and barely anybody seems to actually be one

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who understands how all the things plug together and line up
who does it??? how do you deal with love and hate and spite and beauty and twisted pieces of broken songs all together? how do you navigate vast networks of fucked up meatware without hurting people and yourself?

@er1n My theory is that that's what being an adult has felt like for a long time - you're only really an adult when you realize that the adults didn't actually know what they were doing.

@er1n we are pretty sure that adulthood was a myth all along and everyone is still just kids hoarding blocks, but with way more power than before

@er1n when we were little, we had the idea that there were lots of total authority figures in the world who always had a plan for everything and could always be trusted to know what should be done all the time.

turns out there are actually zero of those

@er1n rewatch FLCL a bunch? that's my strategy. maybe college is where ppl live that too?

@er1n Arguably that's when you know you're an adult. πŸ™ƒ

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