what the fuck how do i fix my face

it grows hair constantly and causes massive dysphoria and i dont know how to make it stop or at least look okay long enough for me to not want to die

to be clear i want to be able to shave regularly enough to keep hair off my face while not getting horrible red rashes from razor burn even when i use fresh razors and something to lubricate

@er1n puberty blockers… and or other HRT plus… lasers or the other other thing.

@er1n it's not your face that causes dysphoria, it's societal body hair shaming. Stop internalizing that shit... Took me decades to be comfortable enough in my own skin to wear shorts when I was too lazy to shave. (And I've got thick course dark brown leg hair that's sometimes mistaken for a bear, lol). Ignore society, love yourself.

Re: facial hair dysphoria, HRT 

Re: facial hair dysphoria, HRT 

Re: facial hair dysphoria, HRT 

@er1n i use this cremo shave lotion in the shower and a mirror and i only have to shave once every 2 days!! you should give it a shot. you can go against the grain comfortably and it's only like 4 or 5 bucks at walmart...

another tip kasia gave me is not to hold the razor too close to your face. you want it to glide against the skin to produce a less irritating shave

@er1n do you have an electric shaver? i have sensitive skin and very dense facial hair and get horrific razor burn and cuts all over my face with any kind of wet razor (ive used cartridge razors, safety razors, feather blades, proraso soap, everythinggg) and the best solution ive found is a foil shaver with shaving oil and a thick shaving cream. i can shave every day now :blobcat:

@er1n theyre expensive (tho you dont have to buy cartridges) and dont shave quite as close as a wet shave but id happily trade that for NOT BLEEDING every morning

@er1n @envgen You probably know them, although maybe not by that name.

Things like or

I, also, get bad razor burn; these are much better (although you get a slightly closer shave with razor blades).

I've had both types. The first one (flat, long one) is slightly gentler on the skin than the second (three-round things), the three-round-things one gives a slightly closer shave. It's much of a muchness for me.

@er1n If I may, laser hair removal is inexpensive and relatively painless. It can also be done, at least in most places, at minimal cost. It takes a few treatments, depending. I've had family members do it and it has help with body image and confidence. Just a suggestion.

@er1n if you want, i can put together an explainer of how i shave

i used to get pretty severe razor burn and cuts but after a month or so of careful focus on technique (and using the right stuff to begin with...) i now can shave very closely with no trouble at all.

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