i keep boosting this not bc i want numbers but rather bc im thinking abt wife

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its the two month anniversary of the wife post

i am once again thinking about my wife

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@biohazard i went down a rabbit hole of trying to match the font by using bernie campaign styleguides

@er1n there must be some way to mute just this one post XD

@eryn if you don't want to see it? i think you can click the three dots and do "mute conversation"

@er1n it's mostly fine I just...it's on my timeline so often XD

@envgen it's because i am once again thinking abt my wife

@confusedcharlot i can boost it as many times as i want bc i am thinking abt wife again ><

@er1n Every time boost this my brain goes "Yes! I should favorite this!" but then I realize I already have an do a surprised pikachu face

@er1n You are once again thinking about your wife post.

@raekh i am once again thinking about _my_ wife uwu 💜

@er1n @raekh I am once again thinking about both of you and therefore both of _your wife_

@er1n i swear i've boosted this like 10 times now :P

@er1n @raekh I'm thinking about this random Dwarf Fortress function I annotated today


@restioson i just bookmarked it last night

before that id just look back through notifs for the last time my girlfriend boosted it

@restioson (i didnt have bookmarks until last night when i upgraded 3.0.1->3.1.3)

@er1n ok, WTF? Is this a meme? I've Seen this a couple of time and I don't know how to understand this...

@er1n i can't tell if you automated the boosting of this toot everyday or if you're just really dedicated

(either way, good for you)

@Eramdam no i manually do it every time im thinking abt my wife

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