does tom nook fuck? very important question. many people need to know the answer

@er1n other: i don't know, i have never played games.

@er1n he has kids that very closely resemble him so yes at least once

i think their other dad is probably blathers

@00dani @er1n Timmy and Tommy are his nephews, possibly adopted

@patience @er1n but,, are zero-interest loans and free rent still capitalism (yes)

@callie @er1n yes, cos the lender contracturally owns in part the means of whatever production the debtor must undertake to pay down the loan, under penalty of default and legal action

@patience @er1n tom nook enforces no expectation of repayment and deals out no penalties

however, his philosophy of commodification of land and labor is still a dead end,,

@er1n He absolutely fucks piles of bells because what else do you do with them

@er1n he’s horny but nobody will fuck him bcs he’s landlord scum (but tommy fucks)

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