i havent posted my face in a while! (cw selfie, not eye contact)

@er1n I don't remember if I've seen you before but I like that outfit :3

@er1n I'm the cutie detector and I've detected u!!!!!!!

@er1n wow you are so freaking adorable :O I'm so happy for you

@er1n damn i'm jealous of you (for looking that cute) and your gf (for dating someone that cute)

@Squiddy njkNVSFJKDNVJKDSNKJN S H U SH OMG >///////////////////////////<

@er1n youre literally so pretty aaaaaaaaaaaa >////////////<

@raekh VNJKSDNVJKSDNJKVSDNJKNKJ t thank you >///////////////////////////////////<
~~i wondered when youd see this post nsdfvjknvkjdsnjk~~

l literally you though oh my *gods* >///////////////////////////////////////////////<

@er1n ndjfjcjesjjfjejfjejdj aaaaaaaaaaa >////////////////////<

you though omg !!! 💜

@er1n hey you have a cute face, in case you were wondering

@er1n i never thought id live to see an erin pic with good lighting. gongrats it's cute

@raekh njKSDNKJVNKJSNDKJV >/////////////////<

l literally you,,,

@er1n hey don't distract from the topic at paw!!!!

way too much, gay 

@luna hmmm if you think im so cute then maybe we could smooch about it,,,

way too much, gay 

@er1n yeah? I'm down for that

way too much, gay 

@luna s same,,, maybe even,, cuddles,,

way too much, gay 

@er1n sounds cute, I'm in,

way too much, gay 

@luna hmmmm we should do that then,,,

way too much, gay 

@luna *cuddle catenby uwu* :3 💜

way too much, gay 

@er1n *snuggle* nyaaaa uwu ,💜

way too much, gay 

@luna *gentle kiss the cat* nyaaaaaaaa >< :heart_sp_les3:

way too much, gay 

@er1n *kissie*

gosh you're cute,,

way too much, gay 

@luna gosh!!! you're extremely adorable too!!! im blush,,, >/////////////////////////////<

OMG! :blobcatsurprised: You look identical to your profile portrait!

@er1n hey you have a very cute face, in case you were wondering

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