i dislike how the like... technical ways that fedi is built make everything really hard to reason about and understand and how it constantly feels like the software is pulling the rug out from under you in terms of blocks and suspensions n stuff


@penelope yeah, exactly, which is saying something – twitter's already Bad

@er1n like ive done some thinking on this and while there are some positive additions in my mind things like the federated timeline theres also stuff thats less functional and carryover stuff from twitter that i think is ultimately detrimental to positive socialising online and tends to make it toxic in some ways. I need to form a more coherent thesis for why i think its detrimental but it has the same feel as twitter in the ways that i personally dislike.

@er1n The cool people are pretty much why i keep coming back but there has to be a better way to shape a social platform for positive interacting

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