i hate this website so god damn much :3

still curious if the slice of english-speaking masto and its periodic normal ones that i see are actually the entirety of english-speaking masto or if there are entire other clusters of users that i haven't ever seen nor interacted with. entire communities on here

like... how large even is fedi now? i used to have a mental model but that was 3 years ago when the software and people were vastly different

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@oat how tf... like... i don't really have any good ways to get outside my current cluster b/c single user instance

@er1n i keep following people because they look neat and then they boost someone else i think looks neat etc etc

@oat @er1n same kinda

though for today it was "oh a kiwisdr backdoor, yikes" -> "oh the person who discovered it looks cool" -> "oh she even has a masto acct!"


@sys64738 @oat didn't realize she had a fedi acct

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@er1n @sys64738 @oat this is my process for finding clusters in fedi; find someone cool on fedi -> bio -> Twitter -> shared follows with fedi handles in the Twitter bio. I’m not proud of it as a technique

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