spun out on addy a couple weeks ago . thinkin bout how the internet isn't bad enough... things should be worse (technically) and more fragmented (socially) and we didn't do that well enough with ostatus/AP/the stuff on them

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things need to have less technical features and more social affordances. things should be more ephemeral but in the irc way : it's not enforced, individual users or communities can keep things around, but by default systems don't attempt to ledger well

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people kept trying really hard to put social features into AP2. it didn't work out well tbh! things don't have the behavior ppl expect and then they get mad. and i think that's because it's a platform *for people*, rather than an arbitrary construct people carve space from (which historically is often the root of little internet subcultures)

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thinking a lot about soulseek recently and the way content is only available when other people are online. temporal partitioning is really interesting from a social standpoint, and adds to the existing almost sociospatial dynamics of online communities

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more things need to be decentralized in the "its just a bunch of your friends' and enemies' computers" and less in the "its a web3 transactive marketplace of ideas" way

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@er1n I appreciate it :D.

It's one of my... most unkind opinions I think though. So I'm careful not to talk about it much.

That said just because I'm against "pleasing the most ppl simultaneously at the cost of everything else" doesn't mean I'm for "the shitty RTFM hacker/Unix culture that the former is a backlash to".

@er1n isn't this in part due to resource constraints (as its often sharing a music library on a home PC - the user might not want to leave this switched on 24/7 due to electricity costs, or it may have noisy ventilator fans or bright LEDs and it would be in the room they want to sleep in?)

It does remind me of how a pirate radio station may only operate at weekends (due to space and logistics issues, and the longer the signal is around the easier it is to track down..) >>

@er1n the similarly somewhat clandestine nature of Soulseek may be a factor...

recently I was chatting to a lad from the community radio station and he hinted a lot of people now struggle with the concept of having to seek out content at a certain time compared to having everything on demand when they want to find it..

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