i wonder how many of the 2200 accounts following me are inactive. probably a huge amount...

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and i suspect that of the 1272 i follow, many are as well – whether having gotten bored of fedi, or feeling unwelcome, or [a million other things]. some of them i know are gone from the internet, in varying senses of that phrase

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note that i'm not talking about the million fucking clownishly racist admins who've noped out and gone back to whatever circles will support their behavior rather than changing anything. i'm talking about people who went through stress, love, fear, trauma, comfort, in the confines of these four columns, and came to find other spaces more adaptive

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that i log in about every six months and post about how i wish fedi were smaller is probably a bad sign

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@er1n dang, apparently i'm sneaking up on five myself 😧

@er1n I still actively check here, FWIW. Although I followed you on hellbirdsite before I realized that this account was also you, I'm still glad I got to know you from more than just one place (IRC, fedi, Twitter) :D.

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