its really impressive how peoplea re still mad at eugen for something on a weekly basis. youd think hed figure it out at some point, or that people would get tired of getting mad at him and just run him off the project or something


what are the sex dolls wtf

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@geesehoward what the FUCK is this sponsors list this is unhinged

@er1n yeah, i mean its been like that for a long time btw

theres all kinds of things going on with eugene, but he recently said something that he wants to keep 50% ownership of mastodon so theres gonna be no running him off the project or anything like that lol

@geesehoward ive been on here since 2016 and the exact same things happen every month its extremely funny

@geesehoward "extremely funny" more like tiring as hell and makes me ignore it for 6 months at a time

@er1n the extremely frustrating thing is that even if you try to ignore Eugen, if you wanna do anything on the Fediverse, you have to deal with him, one way or another.

@geesehoward @er1n it would be fine if he was slightly competent as a project manager or anything, which he very much is not lol

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