dont wanna use mastodon (features stagnating, keeps getting worse, eugen). would use pleroma but it technically sucks ass and makes people instablock you. everything else is bad or incomplete or abandoned or all three

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@er1n did you know pleroma is now maintained by alex gleason? lol

@geesehoward LMFAO WHAT i knew he did soapbox on top of it in like 2019 i guess nobody else wants to maintain the shitpit that is pleroma's codebase

@er1n i mean as far as i understand, pleroma has always been a bit dipshitty about letting straight up nazis develop for it. "they are keeping their politics out of it" just shitlib thinking all around over there.

@geesehoward shit fuckin sucks !!! and its not like its even good so theres literally negative reason to use it! their one selling point about it being "lightweight enough to run on cheap old computers" is rarely true

@er1n @geesehoward and basically the only reason to use it now is “you were using it when that was actually true, and migrating to a different Fediverse server software means standing up a whole new instance on a different hostname”

@er1n @geesehoward there’s at least a fork starting

(and by “starting” I mean “they haven’t even updated the yet, because they haven’t decided on an actual good name”, because holy shit newroma is a bad name)

@bhtooefr @geesehoward "there's a fork starting" is the "i have a bridge to sell you" of fediverse software

@er1n @geesehoward although at least it looks like former Pleroma devs are behind this one, but yeah.

@er1n @geesehoward (I hate how I just remembered #ForkOffTogether, where they didn’t have any developers at all)

@er1n @geesehoward I mean it’s a name that evokes two things: nerve tumors (neuroma), and an Ohio village that existed solely so that police could perform highway robbery against people who drove through (New Rome)

@bhtooefr @geesehoward @er1n there's also the Roma people. a frequently prosecuted, and usually discriminated minority in many countries.

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