in Mars For The Rich by king gizzard they have this wacky wouwouwouwouwouwou effect for transitions (which i assume is just very strong delay with a ton of feedback) and i cant figure out how exactly they do it, but stu mackenzie always raises one of his legs way up before it happens so i just assume that his guitar does that when he raises a leg

@AgathaSorceress it looks like the effect starts when his foot goes down and hits something, i would assume its a pedal (ring modulation potentially based on the sound(???))

@AgathaSorceress actually after doing a bit more research and listening to a couple more live versions of the track i think it's just a delay pedal with some fucky settings,, would guess short echo time, low feedback,,
i could probably try to replicate it next time i have my pedals hehe

@elagabalus @AgathaSorceress could also be a flanger/phaser as flangers especially can create those kind of sweeping resonant peaks and it wouldn't be unreasonable to make it extreme enough to sweep that quickly and then tune it to be in time with the music.

Or it could literally just be a filter with an LFO.


@miramira @elagabalus @AgathaSorceress i think it's something that's close to just looping a segment of the track, like the ehx canyon's latch mode; you could probably approximate that with relatively high feedback, long delay, and full-wet on a bbd or digital delay pedal. dont think its a vibrato tho; it really does sound like it's looping the attack of the note

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@er1n @miramira @AgathaSorceress yeah,, again my guess would be sth with delay considering he's stated he used those a bunch but ><

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