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hmmmmmmm here is a Take
bring back wikis

seriously. set up a wiki for your next reverse-engineering project. no matter what the note-taking app du jour is, a wiki's going to be more flexible and useful. make a bunch of pages! make a page for a memory map! make a page for the loader logic! make a page that's just tables of file format headers! link them all together!

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a thing that didn't catch on but should've: interwiki links! you can do something like [[wp>Executable and Linkable Format]] in your wiki's markup and it'll produce a link to the Wikipedia page on ELF

@er1n I use interwiki heavily. I have a bunch of templates to make it easier, too.

@er1n Does this mean that I must open Airport World Wiki, and @SuricrasiaOnline must start a Suricrasia Wiki?

@er1n This is pretty much what I always do for any complex tech issue I'm trying to sort out (except not a whole separate wiki for each; I just set up a page for the topic, with subpages as needed).

@er1n I use Tiddlywiki for that. There's a mindmapping plugin for it, too.

@drwho nice. i've looked into tiddlywiki, but i really like the simplicity of dokuwiki

@er1n Entirely your call. I like the idea of a wiki that I can check into Git alongside my code, but it's not a perfect tool.

@er1n I used to use instiki for literally everything and then I learned how easily it corrupts its own internal database one day. :-/

@er1n i been using vimwiki for about a year now for my personal working notes.

it has weaknesses, but i think maybe single-user or very-small-community wikis are actually the sweet spot for the form.

(i've also spent way too much of my career trying to get groups of people who Don't Get Wiki And Never Ever Will to use wikis, and it has generally been a litany of suffering, and i'm never doing it again if i have a choice in the matter.)

@er1n I use a personal Dokuwiki to document personal server and networking stuff and it's been very helpful

@er1n I do this all the time!!

Do you have a favorite wiki?

@er1n OK, I've now found the thread - you use dokuwiki. I've always used my own as it does auto-linking of free text, but I'll have a look and see if dokuwiki is easier and close enough.