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Erin 🕯 @er1n

evince is probably the best pdf reader i've ever used
it's pretty
it's functional
its rendering is very accurate
it has hot reloading
it's GTK+3

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@er1n @cwebber Plus free command injection in DVI reading! (Well, not for the past ~week, but hey.)

@er1n I prefer zathura with the mupdf backend, but I use evince to fill out forms

@martensitingale ah, that looks nice too
synctex support is cool

It also supports animations from pdf slides created by latex-beamer class. I use zathura with poppler engine primarily and evince if I want to copy paste text quickly (zathura only copies to primary)

@er1n I use both evince and okular. I find evince better for printing and text selection, and I like okular more for reading and annotations .