my old wikipedia userboxes are... wow

this user is a [[Teenager|teenager]], not a [[Stereotype|stereotype]]


@calvin @er1n they disappear for hours because they broke their system doing pacman -Syu and didn't read the Arch Linux news about manual intervention required for a specific upgrade

@er1n oh, I remember those. I even made some for some interests I had that didn't already have userboxes. I didn't really have any other equivalent social space online.

@wxcafe @impiaaa @er1n wow I remember when userboxes were about languages, that's quite the expansion

@er1n Who doesn't like to speak about themselves in the third person.

@er1n Some of my best friends were teenagers when I met them.

@samis "old" as in "i set them a long time ago"

these are still my userboxes :)

@wxcafe @er1n What pumpkin (thing)?

(It's from the comic before the comic before homestuck)

@wxcafe @er1n It's short and gets referenced a lot:

The comic before homestuck I remember as being legitimately pretty funny and good; probably worth an afternoon:

Homestuck itself is.. entirely too long. Also, I think, funny, before it becomes this sprawling monstrosity; there is a reason the fanbase exists. Still, I can't see nyself dedicating any more life to it.

@elomatreb it means what it says, i guess? i guess it was like
"i'm actually a person and not just some stereotype of an angsty edgy teen" but it comes across as kinda tone-deaf idk

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