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Erin 🕯 @er1n

til the polish expression "nie mój cyrk, nie moje małpy" ("not my circus, not my monkeys")
this is a GOOD expression and i want to use it more

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@er1n yeah, @kiilas told me it a while back and I was hooked

@er1n i mutter this to myself at times, 'cuz my mom works with some polish devs and they use this expression all the time

@KitRedgrave @er1n wait this is polish lol i knew the expression but not where it came from

i'll mutter to myself “not my DAMN circus” all the friggen time


One of my favorite expressions. Sadly, it was ruined for me by one day realizing it was my circus...

@er1n Yeah it's cute. Until you're a parent. Then you realise this IS your circus and those ARE your monkeys...

@er1n since i learned that one a few years ago i use it all the time and can confirm it remains a GOOD expression.