hey, it's been a while since i posted a selfie on here! whee, cybregirl hacker aesthetic. (reposted b/c i forgot to set sensitivity)

cw: selfie, eye-contact-ish


hey, anyone want to bid on 3 Sony CRT PVMs? auction is at $25 atm, 3d20h left. seller is my university's surplus system, have had wonderful experiences with them. they'll probably ship to you if you're in the US. If you're interested, DM me for a link.

sweet norm and hella distance!!!!!! FUCK

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wheeeeee! shitty board pic alignment tool worked :)

(yay for keypoints + least squares)

hey @djsundog check out this controller i have for an extreeeeemely early computerized lecture hall projector thing

omg so it turns out i guessed the right baud rate and there was just a parity bit! weird! it's the first parity bit i've ever seen

also yeah im so fucking on my bullshit lately

reinstalled windows on my desktop and it actually looks pretty nice with this wallpaper

omg i just noticed that @puckipedia did this and im screaming

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