should i show up to EE lab in this futchy soft flannely shirt with my bra exposed?? not out to anyone there and everyone assumes i'm cis probably? could be fun? also we're forming groups for final project today so 😬

(selfie ec!)

okay yall. this is something i've talked about for a really long time but finally actually have the agency to do. to explain what exactly this screenshot means, i'm seeing someone _this Thursday_ about starting estrogen HRT, and I will likely be _taking my first dose_ within the subsequent two weeks.

i can't believe that i've made it here. it's been almost four years. i've met so many wonderful people, offline ( to Open House and Bumpus) and online – hi, friends on here! – and i can't wait to meet many more.

honestly i sadpost a lot about being trans, and rn? i wanna post something different. im sitting at my laptop at fuck o clock, in a classroom on a gay dorm floor, wearing a comfy casual dress and soft leggings and planning out my day tomorrow. and like, being trans is _hard_. it's a dummy thicc mental overhead. but also. being a girl is **fucking great** for so _very many reasons_, and i wouldn't trade it for the world.

i love you all. keep on being great.

💜 🔥

super quick outfit check: is this cute?

ec selfie all that jazz, heading to a thing

oh my god look at the fucking ridiculous thing my hair did when i pulled my headphones back on

(selfies ec)

wearing roommate's dress and i honestly can't tell if i look cute or not lmao (selfie ec)

the cool thing about doing contracting for non-software people is that i can just go off like this

casual presentation getting food earlier tonight

how do i read? (selfie, ec)

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