selfie, ec, soft n gay girl 

hi im a Fucking Lesbian n this is an image of me ready to fall into bed after submitting coursework at 3:30am last night

hewo! im doing the thing what color am i! (also i retyped it all into the alt text!)

look at my dumbass gremlin cat sleeping on my parents couch earlier today

i havent posted my face in a while! (cw selfie, not eye contact)

madison police stuff, graphic 

found some imagery on twitter

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hmm 🤔

(also before yall give me shit i literally can't unsubscribe from these)

this was literally his response. 'understood' @ me being trans, then two sentences of talking about technical stuff in reply to a paragraph at the end of *my* message

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this is my old deadname github but! now i have two under the correct name lmao

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