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Erin 🕯

why is everything gtk+ fucking tiny

fig 1. work code i push to public repos
fig 2. work code coworkers never see

yall im fucking, gateing

👀 im back on my gateware bullshit

last summer was a struggle. it was also good tbh

@ninjawedding why is sotf calling youtube-dl on people's profile urls (eg)

oh DAMN wow
"How Sexually Dimorphic Are We? Review and Synthesis", Blackless et al.

this is installing faster in a VM than it ever did on any hardware i ever owned

fucked up my fonts earlier today

~what music do u have in common~

(pic from last night) new wires on a atx psu, for ~my 3d printer~ which i am ~definitely fixing this time~

via in the first ~ zine

Rust / Python
(elian script)