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right about now
the funk soul brother

check it out now
the funk soul brother

Rockefeller Skank - Fatboy Slim

parasite by rook is an extremely important album by a trans woman. it's about her experiences with ocd and cptsd and it's extremely powerful.

LCD Soundsystem - All My Friends (live at Madison Square Garden)

(the 2011 farewell show has Such Powerful Emotional Energy that i would be sobbing my eyes out if my emotions weren't jacked up to hell and back)

Stevie Wonder - Higher Ground/Superstition (Lawrence cover feat. Antwaun Stanley)

again cc @djsundog

No More Kings - Robots Don't Cry

(Hold on)
Please, just give me a chance now
No disassemble
(Hold on)
I am alive, I am alive

Inverse Phase - Pretty Eight Machine
a cover album of NIN's Pretty Hate Machine, using only 8-bit microcomputers

ehsan gelsi - 45 min hiphop set w/ elektron digitakt
the vid that made me want a digitakt so bad

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