wrote a little debugging/ops tool for , having fun with this

i see a lot of people on here wanting a plugin architecture for mastodon or mastodon-alikes. what do y'all _actually_ want out of that? like, which things do you want to be able to implement and how?

i'm interested because i've been thinking about how to do this in , and that's highly dependent on what applications people care about

getting a lot of work done recently! turns out that trying to implement new things is a great impetus to fix bad decisions i made in the past

hmmmmm finally removing the extra crate i had for 's database stuff back when Diesel and Rocket and Serde used to clash

so i've been pretty silent on the dev front for a bit! i'm working pretty hard on some behind-the-scenes stuff, laying the groundwork for sending posts around and stuff.

but, unexpectedly, @y6nH stepped in and completely redesigned the frontend! mad props to him. and it looks way, way, _way_ better than before! i'm extremely fucking excited about how this is shaping up. also, everything you're seeing here is js-less and screenreader accessible, and weighs only ~30kib (with compression and caching disabled!)

testing federation stuff against pleroma. they do a few different things than mastodon and that broke our webfinger impl, which was actually really nice because it was a trivial fix for something that would cause 500s

very curious about pulling more IndieWeb stuff into

planning on baking nodeinfo.diaspora.software/ into . gonna do this just for debugging purposes atm i think

:thinkhappy: what if, an alternative to both mastodon _and_ pleroma, which is much less memory-heavy and is a single executable file you drop on your server

help us out

we're getting really fucking close to having working pings in !

i have more lines of test suite for this URL matcher than actual code

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