this means you can do completely silly things like tape a chip to its pads on a circuit board or tape a ribbon cable to a memory card!

Behold, the prototype 12s1p LiFePO4 battery pack. This is about 360 Wh and will be mainly used for firmware development, and trying out new things. I will give this a better case some day and turn it into the ultimate power bank.

If it looks wacky, that's because this is a Frankenstein design, made from parts from different projects.


i think the apple watch should hurt to wear. i think you’re little arm hairs should get caught in it

shoplifting, by which i mean tearing a walmart building out of the ground by its foundation and walkin off with the whole ass thing

on-brand childhood memory 

I kinda love how Fortnite follows the most ancient school of video game story design:
A thing happened because we decided it would be cool, maybe we'll tie in some loose relation to previous events if we feel like it, who cares, The End.

booted from my navigation position on a chemical tanker ship for only referencing potential piracy over the announcement system as a "doubloon disaster".

Me: we can't possibly search all combinations of annotations to find one that works, that's completely inefficient
Coq kernel: does exactly that

🎵 girl bath water keep on rollin'
mississippi moon won't you keep on shinin' on me

No fate but that of which we make
Noble as the oath we undertake
We are the great Starlight Brigade!
Starlight Brigade

My pal Ben works with a great group called wikitongues, and they released this playlist for the International Year of Indigenous Languages!

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