i need to place dustrial order tonight but idk if i shld size up or down bc im between most measurements of theirs? also im like, a medium in their skater dresses by waist/bust/hips but im also Tall Thin Girl so idk if a medium would be long enough??

gamers rise up.... you have nothing to lose but your chains....

normally she actually has the same sleep schedule as me, ish, so it's particularly funny and cute to me

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its very funny to me that vivi n i have like,,, sleep schedules where she sleeps the last six hours im awake and i sleep the first six hours she's awake, such that i always say good night to her when she's waking up

youtube removing community captions is so fucked up honestly. it's a massive fuck you to those with hearing issue, language processioning issues like some can have with autism, pretty much all non english speakers or those in the process of learning which media immersion is an amazing way to learn I may add. and there's literally no reason to do it than google doing what they always do, killing off services and features because fuck you

selfie, ec, visible legs, :boost_ok: 

@Lynxano omg this is a really cute outfit wtf

selfie, ec, visible legs, :boost_ok: 

i took a bunch of pictures in this outfit but don't really know which I should share but I think I've landed on these ones

meeting my parents for the first time in a while, time to be aggressively lesbian ùwú

[selfie ec]

my brother is reading kropotkin in the other room and shouting "TRUUUUE"

fuck private schools abolish private schools burn them all down

how do you make a waterbed more bouncy? 

you add spring water

tbh I should boost that post I just pinned about the 2015 edition of the RISC OS style guide saying you should design for machines with 4 MiB RAM every time I think about application resource usage, as a bit

(...inspired by @er1n boosting that "I am once again thinking about my wife" image as a bit)

esteemed comrades, despite what you may have heard America is not le epic bacon ftw, and is in fact an epic fail

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