I'm so upset, I shouldn't have majored in philosophy

ok wait imagine a duck with four feet and no wings

more productive than dissociating in front of my computer

going to put clothing into the laundry and then watch shrek 2 i guess thanks to dormmates

have you ever. have you ever sat in front of a computer and just did? negative work??

if you have more money than you need to live, today is a great day to give some to a trans person who doesn’t

Just a reminder that the #Kurdish #RedCrescent has for many years been doing courageous work in #Rojava to see people get medical aid and relief from the war in #Syria. They are well regarded and often the *only* aid organization on the ground. They ALWAYS NEED donations. They have bank accounts across Europe and Japan, as well as PayPal.


Please consider donating. They are seriously going to need it. 🙍🏽‍♀️

Alan Moore while literally believing he's a fucking chaos magician sorceror: "adults reading comics and liking superhero movies made for children is evidence of unhealthy emotional growth, and is problematic"

Why do people like cowboys yet hate horse girls..... Sexism much

hope my parents don't ever try and keep track of this account like they tried my twitter. sayin' shit like "#ass" and the like. my twitter account was straight up presentable by comparison

If you’re worried that I’m going to be posting exclusively about wallace and gromit for the rest of the night, let me just say: yes

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