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trying to get my new vacuum pump running

listening to some nujabes tonight because it's kinda mood atm tbh


in a comfortable place but still sad

@chosafine my professor last semester had the final project as 40% of the final grade, with 'interestingness' making up a third of the project grade

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I would be an amazing college professor because all of my exams would just be like "ok lets make a wild ass program" and the students would be like "ya sure" and then at the end of it the people who make the most interesting thing pass the class

@cypnk i got visual basic ;-;

this test is Bullshit

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hi did you know that i'm a robot girl and that's extremely good ???

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Disability, django reinhardt, Happy birthday Show more

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money, new patreon! Show more

bleh, can't focusssss. trying to hack on auth stuff for $project, but i just can't bring myself to fight this stack of bullshit atm

maybe i should just go read some of my beta copy of resplendent in the sky

lewd ad (nudity this time) Show more

very sad, glitchy, loud song Show more

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is a young person in your life at risk of exposure to ayn rand?

give them a copy of _the dispossessed_. you may save them years or an entire lifetime.

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death Show more

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Ursula K. LeGuin Show more

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some ideas for ways to honour Ursula K. LeGuin:

- punch a fascist
- pet a cat
- invent a gender
- join a collective
- have an orgy
- run for city council
- live in the woods
- protest in the streets
- dream

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