a sort of person i genuinely miss from twitter is the sort of person that has like an s-expression in their bio and has an anime girl as an avatar and has a bio like 'solid and fury' and just constantly writes nothing but a stream of extremely high quality posts

why pronounce "tty" as "tee tee why" when you can pronounce it "titty"

gay, tmi 

help i think it might be mutual,,,,,,

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noise cancel headphones that only cancel out cis people

I sure am glad we got Trump out of the white house and Pompeo out of the state department!!!

*protest chant voice*

this is what a liberal rules based order looks like!

❌ bra off
βœ… playstation on

that's right, it's gamer time 😎

and to have it all in its diversity reduced down to what essentially boiled down to (at least in my reading) "shut up and listen to the Church(tm)" in its early (and to a certain extent modern) messaging and dogma makes me So Fucking Angry especially considering how much they *kept* that says that you *should* think for yourself and you *shouldnt* just blindly follow what those in authority say

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which is *especially* aggrivating when you look into the history of early christianity and how many Extremely cool ideas there were going around at the time

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especially because theres so many rad as fuck non-Canonβ„’ texts and the ones that *were* chosen for the canon were so obviously chosen for a very specific agenda which makes me >:T

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I wish everybody in the cool timeline where all the post ww1 communist revolutions succeeded a pleasant evening

Self aware cyberpunk is terrifying, self satirizing cyberpunk dystopia where the cultural hegemony pushes a "haha look at how shitty things are" brand of humor is terrifying

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@chemelia maybe this summer.... shell only be an hour and a half by train from nyc,

gay, tmi 

@chemelia i want to hold each other and talk about papers....

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