@sneak i need to pay rent, do work, and do meaningful stuff with my friends and partners, not get angry about the structural issues with paypal as someone who can do very little about that specific wart of economics

paypal unsuspended my account! i can pay rent again! and try not to get suspended this time!

@haskal also ur like REALLY cool and it's super flattering that you wanna be friends bc i feel the same @ u. if u wanna talk to me Ever literally just dm me :3

@haskal awww im sorry that i've been distant! that's not about u specifically though, in case you worried or sth! i just... have a hard time managing being in a Lot Of Places, particularly when they're occasionally really flaky or i have to fix them myself...

i don't wanna give up twitter because i feel like more interesting technical discussions happen there but i don't wanna Not be present here but like... splitting attention hard...

@pan mmmmm don't worry! i'm not very memorable. i used to hang out with glitchsoc ppl/ n bea n deem a lot, like Years Ago. i thankfully saved the thing because it Moved Me; it's here: mecanis.me/pub/tell-me-about-f

@pan ohmygods pan you're still on here???? i was just thinking abt you and bea and "tell me about forests" a couple days ago

every time i see a 1+ replies on a post and there's only one reply i can see, or i see no replies and it says there's one.... that's a little chunk of anxiety.

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if you look up european game developers on wikipedia its always like "their demogroup's most famous prod won first place in 1995" whereas if you look up american game developers its like "with help from their father, they started their first e-commerce startup at the age of 15"

absolutely fucking foul that mastodon has worse tools in some sense to block or mute people, since you can't guarantee stuff works consistently or removes them from things like fav lists or reply counts

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