wrote to my orthodontist asking for DICOMs of my tomography shit

gonna have some fun there i think

Failing to make a good pun appealing to the furry crowd but still making a post lamp-shading your failure is the definition of the skunk cost fallacy

@gdkar hey do you have kigurumi purchasing recommendations

trying to stay hydrated and im going to bed in. very soon minutes too

crunch time bitches

no i dont need to get up at 7 for a lab or anything >_>

@prophet_goddess huh

i didn't think it was /that/ bad but yeah it wasn't like incredible lol

I never walk alone. I always have MILFs in my area. 🙏

soon to be laid off question 

there is no reason i need this

there are soooooo many reasons i want this

@amic how tf is zenni so cheaaaaap my glasses were like $200 why did my family never use zenni

nonzero chance i'm gonna have a sgi octane2 under my desk in a week or so

vague, contract work 

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