“But dad, what if I’m sorted into House Anarchism?”

“Karl Vladimir Kropotkin Potter, you were named for three headmasters of socialism. One of them was an anarchist, and he was probably the most socialist man I ever knew.”

Getting pregnant is just gods loot crate.

Being a parent is simply paying micro-transactions to the lord.

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Right, you know the drill today. It’s a lovely night. Get down your polling station and vote. It takes 30 seconds and at least you can say you did your bit, and you’ve got until 10:00pm. #EuElection2019

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IAU: dogs are not planets

@roxy every time i think about tim folin's career path he feels like a blessed cryptid. Like, "yeah i'm a programmer I make NES games. Oh, my games need music? Okay I guess I'll just *drops shit that blows the fuckin pants off anything anyone else was making with the system at the time* anyway back to programming"

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Any product designers want to take this over from me for money let me know I am very frustrated

Yo British people is Torie a nickname for Victoria there or has it been ruined by fascists

Other teens: We love to smoke beer pills and dance to thump music at the ass club
Me: holy shit they're selling used camper trailers on craigslist for under $2k

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