@adrint there -are- specific, shitty white artists who have tried to explicitly do this, but yeah, for the most part, i agree that's its mainly a huge cultural mixing thing and everything gets shifted around and recombined

government hooker by lady gaga has a whole ass wikipedia page, the devil works hard but the twinks work harder

@adrint yeah this is a quote from an article about how white artists have acted black to capitalize on black artists' success without the social implications

"Thus, presumably, if you want to be cool and sell records, you ought to start acting black. In fact, it’s great if you’re not black and act black because you get the benefits of being cool without the baggage and limitations of being subjected to racism."

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Wha'ts the first episode of Deep Space Nine I should show to my friend who has so far seen TOS "Balance of Terror" and TNG "the drumhead" "elementary dear data" "cause and effect" and "remember me" and loved all of those

This is the "we live in a society" of programming

me: I really need to go to sleep asap

me, 5 minutes later: hello nite crew

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