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so anyway yesterday i was admiring the subsurface scattering on a watermelon

you ever look at something in the real world and be like "damn, that's a nice shader"

A game where you're a boat laying submarine cables between landing points and everyone else is trying to ram you:

Socket League

Are there examples of 3D games using a deliberately choppy animation framerate? Like the camera moves at 60hz but the characters pose with 8hz keyframes?

based on my calculations:
┃ U R CUTE ┃
7 ┃ 8┃ 9┃ /┃
━┛━┛━. |━ ┛
4 ┃5 ┃6 ┃ + ┃
1 ┃ 2 ┃ 3 ┃ = ┃

jupyter-qtconsole + migen + gtkwave is a really nice stack

imagine an urban exploration game...

an empty city, abandoned because the sea rose to claim it. concrete skeletons half submerged. crows roosting in the high rise offices.

the player, the explorer, as a semiaquatic creature able to climb and dive

I wonder how much of the development of Polaroid self-developing film was driven by the fact that people love to take pictures you definitely don't want to give to some random lab tech.

the year is 2024. every human on the planet has their own unique emoji set

[stares directly into your eyes for 5-10 minutes, then blinks, looks away and then looks at you again] oh hi, i didn't see you there

2018: begging your parents to stop watching so much TV because it rots their brains / not to believe everything they read on the internet

*clicks fingers*
yea i'll see you around on… uhh…
*checks hand*
"maestro domme"

Okay so.

I'm playing New Vegas for the very first time, going in blind, know Nothing about it.

1) Any tips I should get up front?
2) Should I stream it?

what do you call a document classified for doms' eyes only

a TOP SECRET im sorry

i used to call twitter friends tweeps but this creates an unfortunate impulse to call mastodon friends meeps

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