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While the SEGA Genesis was officially discontinued in 1997, many of its most successful games found a home on later platforms, including 'Peter Gabriel The Hedgehog', 'Earthworm Phil Collins', and 'Mike & The Mechanics & Knuckles'.

more applications need a quick command palette (think like subl's). i wish gimp and/or krita had this

might stream some celeste (no talkin tho) at some point

for what it's worse, im shit @ it, but.

gotta love finding out how much of an asshole a person you looked up to in the past actually is

Some people can't physically awoo, but they still awoo from the soul, and I think that's beautiful


"This week's pod brought to you by DJ Sundog, who wanted to hear Sadiq honk like a Canadian goose for the remaining fifteen seconds of his ad time."

IT'S IN!!!!! #openbsd #wifi #g2k18 #hackathon

"""Introduce 'auto-join' to the wifi 802.11 stack.

This allows a system to remember which ESSIDs it wants to connect to, any
relevant security configuration, and switch to it when the network we are currently connected to is no longer available.

Works when connecting and switching between WPA2/WPA1/WEP/clear encryptions.

example hostname.if:
join home wpakey password
join work wpakey mekmitasdigoat
join open-lounge
inet6 autoconf


Sweet Jesus, I am laughing so hard at this. #lovecraftiannightmare

Hi, it's Trev's Magickal Heritage hours and today we're going to talk about wards and abnegations. Today I thought I'd start us off with a spell from an old German grimoire. First you'll need -- sorry I have to take this -- hey sweetie. No, I don't know where the salt shakers went. Of course we had blood on the shopping list. No, I just like the flavor of fresh sage better, that's all. Okay, love you, buh-bye.

As I was saying,

Concept: shirt like one of those "STAFF" shirts people wear around, that don't say *what* they're staff for... but it just says "STUFF" on the back instead

A concept is tolerated inside the µ-kernel only if moving it outside the kernel,
i.e. permitting competing implementations, would prevent the implementation
of the system’s required functionality. [Liedtke 1995]

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