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muting a large number of people for mental health reasons. if you @ me and i don't see it, i'm sorry. it's not personal <3

privacy is your local scope where you perform your local reasoning

maybe people who don't think privacy is important are okay with programming by only mutating global variables

why won't my computer boooooooooooooooooot properlyyyyyy

i have hornswoggled you with my botherations. again i have planted the seeds of petty anger into your heart

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Some might say that I am hopelessly obsessed with very small low-power single board computers. To those people I say, you have read me like a book.

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hi my name is erin and i just made a commit titled "fmt: succ whitespace"

extra cursed thought: Zork randomizer but only for the maze of twisty passages

New hobby: Spotting various incarnations of Google in #anime

This one is from New Game
Season 1, episode 6

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