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okay so the home=based raspberry pi pleroma instance is not going to work. my IP address keeps changing too often, and it looks like i'll need to pay for some dynamic DNS management... and that defeats the whole purpose of NOT doing the pleroma instance on a VPS

if anyone can help me with some cheap alternative of dealing with a changing home IP address, i'm all ears!

me: omelette du fromage, my dear, omelette du fromage

teacher: morgan this isn't even french class. now, μ is 0,4 and Force1 is

me: une baguette!! hon hon hon!

i am firmly convinced i am the only person outside of a large corporation to use open-iscsi in the last ten years

iscsi is so janky because Only Enterprise people use it tbh

"Do you want to order in or go out for dinner tonight?"
"Eh, either is fine."
"Okay, ordering in it is."
"Oh thank god."

Jesus chuckled. "You mean the birthday emeralds?"

Math courses:
- Shapes I
- Shapes II
- Intro to Imaginary Shapes
- Calculating I
- Calculating II
- Letters
- Advanced Letters
- Actual Letters (the others were fake sorry)
- Theoretical Circles & Arrows

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