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Shout out to my fellow #LeftTwitter crew! Great to be here. Do be sure to check out the #anticapitalism #anarchism and #SocialJustice tags to find other like minded people. Or if you're a #FOSS enthusiast there's a great #Linux community here too.

Here's a great little intro to the #history of #anarchist #organising on the #fediverse!

And I'm falling asleep
and she's calling a cab
and he's having a smoke
and he's also a crab

Grails is one of those quintessentially Java frameworks where everything is separated by interfaces to maximize flexibility, and yet they don't bother documenting how to change the database name for MongoSpec

*extremely Numerics Masto voice* 

i guess i've coined "rotovapped aesthetic"? i can't find any reference to that phrase elsewhere

brutal imagery, violentish 

i was at a v gay gig last night, and two bald stocky men in polo shirts walked in, looking every bit like ukip voting rugby players. and i thought oh no, theyve completely misjudged what theyve gotten themselves into

they stood at the back of the room and i realised from the way they would touch each other while talking that they were old fashioned brighton gays, the kind that are still a bit uncertain about displaying affection in public. anyway they became my favs. my boys

@realmaxkeeble my parents lived in Austin ( not even Houston! ) for a couple years around when my older sibling was born ( so, oh, around 30 years ago, give or take ) and were like "oh! this is a city! let's got take walks around our neighborhood!

and got the cops called on them for being suspicious.

because they were out walking and Who Does That????

so, yeah, that totally checks out. xD

abba - beagle 

Y'all, I'm on a business trip in Houston. this is my first time in the city, so I figured I'd get the "authentic Houston experience" by not driving at all and walking the half mile radius around my hotel. It's so dismal it makes me giddy. Come along with me, won't you?

buuuu-uuut, if you DO have the luxury of exploring your backyard and the suburban landscape, I highly encourage doing so.

If by yourself, listen to music and imagine the whole endeavor as a music video, and note how the song does or doesn't match the space.

better yet, bring a group and discuss what you see.

in short, this type of urban planning happens because

1. the city is shaped by money, not what's actually best for people. this type of construction seems cheap (it's more expensive than it looks, though many of these costs are hidden for now) and makes money, so we do it

2. On some level, this is what people want, or think they want. I'll go into this further on the next toot.

where one might look at american suburbia and see walls that close off and isolate, others see walls that protect.

spaces that don't want you to be there reflect the wishes of americans who don't want anything to do with public space, or really any other people. This is an america that watches local news and sees that 8 people were killed this week in town and panics

that leads to what we saw today--spaces that push you away because they're trying to.

spaces that only look right when passed by quickly in a car, because that's the only way they're meant to be seen.

spaces that are neither walkable, nor sittable, nor livable.

now here's something I love, because it's so quintessentially american.

at first glance this is a pond with a path around it. In reality, its a retention pond, because Houston has a very high water table and is contantly at risk of flooding.

so much of american public space is not meant to be used, but just to appear as if it could be used. around this pond are some offices, another sad hotel, and a parking lot

who is this for?

an ordinary houston office park on a sunday. a contextless, almost featureless space; like something from a PS1 game with distance fog

zones without people. spaces without meaning.

sometimes, as in the second office, things get so drab that they cross over back to being interesting. Like, why is that path leading into a window with no door? did this level not get tested yet?

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