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boost if you agree that @dirt should write the girl from the train a missed connection, in 2019 #dirtwritethegirlfromthetrainamissedconnection2019

going to meet my dissertation supervisor now... i look forward to him telling me that my diss is perfect and requires no work whatsoever

they just showed a clip of him being interviewed for his first film in 1974 and after the clip he said "i didn't understand a word of what i said"

i was out to dinner with an australian friend one time, and we got to arguing whether it was monday or tuesday, and in the course of the argument she grazed my hand while making a gesture and we both blushed and anyway that's when i realized this wasn't just dinner with a friend anymore... we had crossed the international date line

I'd just like to interject for moment. What you're refering to as Cybre, is in fact, Cybre/Space, or as I've recently taken to calling it, Cybre plus Space

$USER is making me sad, need to get rid of deadname on my laptop as soon as its safe..

"Doctor What simultaneously fails to be a rip off of Doctor Who, while managing to contain Katarzyna's insufferable trademark voice" The Times

"It's seven hours long" IMDB

"it isn't 'brave' for four hours of a seven hour film to be an old man screaming 'what' over and over again" Katarzyna

"Katarzyna, the one director who refuses to capitalise the name of our newspaper if we don't give a positive review, has once more failed to bring the laughs" the independent on sunday

@er1n Oh, *that's* why we're on version 11 and somehow it keeps getting harder to understand.

Take A Knee, My Ass (I'm Instructing My Ass To Take A Knee)

"uni code"? oh you mean a bunch of grad students threw together a shitty application that breaks every five minutes?

the most terrifying feeling in programming is when a bug appears to be fixed but you have no idea why

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