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Hi everybody!
We released version 2.3.8 yesterday with - among other things - a fix for a PHP issue
This will probably be the last release before version 2.4.0

After working in the audio engineering industry and running my own recording, production and live performance business for two years, I'm overjoyed to announce that I'm officially part of the Audio Engineering Society

Can't wait to read this journal, as well as industry meetups globally

Maybe another engineer uses #foss professionally somewhere lol

people that have working 3d printers, smh

what happened to building a janky, half-working reprap that fails every 5m?

the color balance is off, this orange filament is too red, but I don't think it comes through in photos

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damn, YTMND shut down today. meme culture before we even had the word "meme" and a big foundational part of the early internet. rest in piece, for god's sake :salute:

if an overflow goes to the gym to lift, that's how you get a "buffer overflow"

gotta build/buy some decks and learn to beatmatch lol

if your kid uses too many dude wipes he ages rapidly and may come out of the bathroom older then you are

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ok i have several questions but first of all is why does this box of broilet paper suggest adult supervision on the bottom of the box

can ANYONE find me the tumblr post where it's just Kankri in the openbound and his text is too small to read and the audio is that solo from Weird Al's Hardware Store

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@srol @tom just imagine a whole fucking ear of corn in a regular sized bowl with milk and a spoon. a glass of orange juice and some toast next to it. fucking hell

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