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just discovered a that people ship that mouse and that alligator from diddy kong racing and now I’m going to put my phone in a food processor

@er1n actually, all of Qt's APIs are not prefixed with Q as in Qt but Q as in Quad. therefore, in this essay, i will explain h

Q{something} is such a powerful way to abbreviate quad

not here for a good time or a long time but rather to destroy the concept of time itself

the longer twitter is down, the higher the chance that a given twitter user will make a account, make two toots and then leave forever the second twitter comes up again

watchings FOSSBros not believe marginalized people, and then when they hear the exact thing from RMS they are like "ah, guess i was wrong. thank you for the civil debate" is both depressing and funny

twitter being down is no big deal they can just use the other instances

Hi everyone who remembered they have a Mastodon account now that Twitter is down.

two raccoons at the same garbage can, eating one long piece of trash from opposite ends. eventually they meet in the middle and smooch

List of gab instances 

i'm very philosophical because everything i eat is food for thot

thinking about all my sexy lady followers tonight. same with my ugly lady followers. i keep all of you in my heart

in california the laws say you must pledge the lyrics to “what i got” by sublime every day before class and sporting events

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