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are all cartoons anime?

just realized my backpack can't accomodate pins without ruining it because of the shitty woven plasticy stuff it's made of

fabric time...? i could get a _much_ cuter backpack

"I paid off my student loans" is going to be the millennial flex.

It's like when boomers buy Teslas.

"this isn't in gods plan for you" haha guess what? death of the author

HIV prevention PSA (tldr you can get PrEP for FREE) 

oh, and Ford also pushed to make the Toronto Transit Commission "an essential service" — thus making it far harder for TTC workers to strike

in other words: make sure the anti-union people are seen as politically unpopular and as snakes against the worker, or else this shit happens

@Ferretsyndicate one unfortunate downpoint in recent times which we cannot ignore:

in 2009 Toronto garbage workers and all outdoor and indoor city workers went on strike for 35 days, and while they got the city to reach an agreement, the backlash put Rob Ford (yes, that Rob Ford) into the mayor's office the next year and then he privatized all trash collection west of the city's meridian (and almost succeeded doing the same east of the meridian) to a company w/o union members

Castlevania livetooting 

made a post on facebook that just said "egg" and nothing else and I've been banned by facebook

Important notice for all :mastoart:•ART users:

I have spent the last couple of days doing a hard editing pass on our Code of Conduct. I felt like parts of it needed clarification, so hopefully it's a lot easier to understand now!

Please take some time to read it thoroughly:

Every user of •ART is required to read and follow our CoC/ToS. I've also updated our terms page with a generic Privacy Policy:

Keep being awesome! :bob_ross: #Housekeeping

okay so something reallllllly did not like set(CMAKE_SYSTEM_NAME Generic) before a project() was set up, but it only manifested as FindBoost not working. moving the set (as part of the toolchain file import) after project creation fixed it, but any ideas why this would've fucked up?

cc @gdkar

why won't cmake find boost in /usr/include!??!?!

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