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prefixing every declarative statement i ever make with 'maybe', 'sort of' or 'kinda' so that i have enough room to immediately walk it back if challenged

this plane has high-bandwidth satellite internet which means my shitposts are going to space

over the garden wall project 

@dragon @er1n feminist brain: boob plate? really? ugh, not again

lesbian brain: hhhhhhhh pretty titty

I've been informed that #honk cannot be taken seriously without a project mascot. Fortunately, a solution presents itself.

Wishing everybody a fantastic Cyber Monday, here is Honk-sama.


As both a beneficiary of your dental plan and a network admin for the network in question, [...]

Art project idea:
"Gendered" bathrooms with e-paper signs that change to different arbitrary symbols every day.

Symbol pairs will be chosen so that each day most people will manage to fit in but each day someone else would actually prefer a third/forth/fifth option.

Examples: Star Wars vs. Star Trek, Apples vs. Bananas, Vim vs. Emacs, Triangles vs. Squares, Coffee vs. Tea, …
you get the idea…

Queer update: Super adventurously queer right now.

hey does anyone remember a DSP recipes site for like, AD envelopes and small-footprint signal generators and filters and shit with C snippets

finally listening to alessandro cortini's VOLUME MASSIMO

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