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Computers should have THICK 👏 PULSING 👏 VEINS 👏👏👏👏

A mandalorian? What kind of instrument is that?

description of the scene, please god if you know this please 

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inappropriate toot 

Q: good follows or instances for someone into music, synths, vintage computers, asking for a friend who just joined the Fedi

Grump-post about people complaining about the dollar-impact of GDQ 

actually it's only a computer if it's from the Computer region of France. otherwise it's a sparkling calculator

An older fan of Japanese culture is a weaboomer

Actual admin announcement

Due to a recent events and overall security, we will be turning on authorized fetch soon so if your instance isnt running version 3.0 of Mastodon you'll essentially be defederated. So ask your admins to update, or make an alt or something, by Saturday 1/18!

an "I'm a Mac / and I'm a PC" commercial but the dichotomy is "I'm outside / and I'm inside"

check out my new movie "uncut gums" where i spend 2 hours refusing to go to the dentist

browsing electronics on aliexpress

> maybe you'd be interested in: rainbow toothbrush set!!

> or this purse with fake gemstones on it!!!
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