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tumblr added a volume control slider to their audio player. this is what happened.

here's a diagram of how the tumblr reblog system "works", courtesy of tumblr user canmom

this is the kind of thing that happened *all the fucking time* any time the dev team did any kind of aesthetic tweaks to the website

people who don't use it don't understand just how profoundly bad of a website tumblr is. i'm not even talking about the community, just the actual software itself. to say that tumblr is incompetently coded is an insult to incompetence. tumblr's source code is the programming equivalent of sweet bro and hella jeff.

if your feminism doesnt include massive fuck off swords for me to swing then it's not inclusive

lol @ name of bus company currently shuttling me to interview appointment to determine if i qualify for shuttle bus services

@trwnh isnt demonic repossession just when you sell your soul and they come to get it after 10 years or whatever

concept: demonic possession story, except the demon becomes dysphoric as a result

all indie bands do is be canadian, play strings, men and women sing in unison, and lie

almost started installing vivado accidentally

glad that i managed to stop that install

I want some more 3.5 mm M/M audio cables. Does anyone have a good source with free/cheap shipping to Canada that wont take months? Monoprice costs a small fortune an I'm trying to wean off Amazon

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