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does tom nook fuck

does tom nook fuck? very important question. many people need to know the answer

LA Reclaiming Our Homes

> There are more vacant homes than people experiencing homelessness in Los Angeles. Some of these vacant properties are even owned by the state. We are taking this housing back for our community.

rent strike! mortgage strike! occupy homes! fuckin let em know the time is UP and the time is NOW

PDX Rent Strike APRIL 1

> We cannot afford to pay our rent on April 1st. We will not be able to afford to pay it retroactively. Portland is made of hard-working residents who can barely afford their rent under normal circumstances, let alone in this crisis.

Don't bring propositional logic to an inferential statistics fight

covid-19, genuine hacker news comment 

covid-19, genuine hacker news comment 

you: come on you can't point to anything and say it's a kink
me, pointing to a random innanimate object: that's a kink too,

achieving any small task should be accompanied by "NICE ONE!" or "SICK COMBO"

me: *gets out of bed*
the universe: EXCELLENT!!

the one good thing i get out of zoom lectures is the ability to prominently show my trans flag on camera while we're doing the lecture on transness

He wrote it in 1954.

Charles Mingus was toilet training cats, and teaching others how to do it.

In 1954.

Ok so first off, Charles Mingus the famous jazz pianist wrote a pamplet on toilet training your cat.

No really.

And then someone recorded Reg E. Cathey narrating it

fuck it. time is meaningless. i decided halloween is in three days

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