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sometimes i suspect there's a little niche under the floor somewhere. the local mice stash things that they've stolen through force of habit but then find they can't eat.

thumbdrives. adaptors. that little thingy that comes with a Samsung phone, shaped like a plectrum with a spike - for poking into the hardware reset hole. the Ark of the Covenant. about a hundred cigarette lighters. your lost innocence. all of it.

you have no idea how excited i was to finally see this ugly garbage pop up on my screen after months of work

a tattoo gun that is just a bunch of needles soldered together to form the shape of calvin pissing and it just pokes down one time and you're done what do we think about that

really bad and gross shitpost, i warned you 

dont talk to me about solarpunk unless you post from this computer

This right here is a perfect example of why data is useless without context.

No, we didn't start eating turnips en-masse late March.

bro if you keep spamming pogchamp we’re gonna have to kick you from the polycule’s discord :/

There's a certain kind of radfem that's absolutely obsessed with vagina, and I wish we could more easily have conversations about how vag is treated as mysterious, pathological, and disgusting without having to dodge around their legacy of being cissexist and aggressive towards trans people.

Did you know that the original DOS version of #Doom had support for a triple monitor mode? This allowed you to run the game with three monitors with two set at an angle to create a full surround "#VR" feel.

ChocolateDoom has recreated this mode:

Here's two gameplay videos I've found:

- Doom 2 MAP01:

- A custom WAD:

lewd mention 

cis nonsense 

the people I follow: *tech words I don't know, knitting techniques, fandom bullshit, a kink I've never even heard of*
me: right on, man. hell yeah

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If you think I'm going to unfollow you for posting about your hobby you clearly have no perspective of my tolerance for inane bullshit I don't understand on this website

there is a child walking down the street obstinately chanting "I put my hands down the toilet!" as loudly as they physically can

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