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latest violence at CHOP - 

system administration question, request for advice :boost_ok: 

Hahaha oh holy shit

'My (23 F) boyfriend (25 M) has stopped showering during lockdown and for the past 2 months has only been spraying Febreze on himself.'

doctor's website had a pop-up dialog form that included a gender field but there was a close button on the dialog so i just went with that option and that's my gender now.

*youth pastor voice* for most of us, life is the original "rogue like." But there's one 'chill dude' who had an extra life...

Me getting out of bed in the morning is a roguelike

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hot computer take: yes, the desktop metaphor sucks ass and it's outdated

the direction we seem to be headed where every app is fullscreen is bullshit though. give me tiling or give me death

adding an extra finger to my hand so i can get knuckle tats that say

nordvpn giving data to cops and other things they hid in their new ToS and privacy policy

its so homophobic that im not cuddling up to a cute girl right now

back on my sars-cov-2 vaxdev bullshit 

back on my sars-cov-2 vaxdev bullshit 

back on my sars-cov-2 vaxdev bullshit 

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