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someone make a competitor to myers-briggs that makes the initials for my side of whatever four arbitrary pseudoscientific dichotomies they go with be JORT
Judging Observing Reasoning Thinking or something idk make it happen

art wip, that orc wife 

remembering fondly posters who have since gone. like the lady who kept telling me i'll never be safe as a trans person of color until i move to the pacific northwest because portland is the trans mecca.
right after she was telling me about how she can only afford to eat one real meal and the rest is soylent lol

Instead of saying "we're in love" say "we're in poggers"

i think a lot of what makes hamilton appealing to tumblr and fandom culture is that it gives you the veneer of revolutionary politics (by loudly subverting the expected racial structure) while not actually challenging you. so it goes down easy with that ~spice~ of feeling like you're Nonproblematic

Elon Musk gets divorced and his ex-wife moves to Italy 

we are all playing calvinball with reality and i just drew a reverse card

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mentioning that you're an arch linux user in the image descriptions of your nudes is relevant, good, and valid information

the best music to play doom to is utopian virtual i will not be taking further questions at this time

y'all hear about this "pornography" thing endotherms are into?

not that nsfw but nsfw enough that it needs a cw 

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