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getting bottom surgery but its just surgery to make my face look like :pleading:

"capitalism is when you buy and sell things for money" wrong

"capitalism is when you sell your labor" necessary but insufficient

"capitalism is when you freely enter into contracts" wrong wrong wrong

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99% of people who defend capitalism literally do not even understand what it is

ok it seems to be news so here it is

without any further comment

your brain on liberalism

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Drugs mention (bitcoin) 

Définition intéressante :thaenkin:

Everyone knows about BIG dick energy, but have you ever seen someone and just been like, damn, CUTE dick energy

why be an e-girl when you could be a ə-girl

Thinking about Wayne Barlowe's Darwin IV aliens

My absolute favorite alien designs and gold standard for realistic alien looks

@a_bun everyone puts subjects on cards and throws them in a hat so you have to defend "rivers are basically illusions"

blm, police violence against inanimate object, Rochester NY 

just woke up to this and I'm laughing

as the CEO of ANTIFA Terrorism Incorporated i'm still waiting for those CIA bux and weapon shipments
c'mon guys i know it's US bureaucracy but seriously hurry it up a bit

mh, nothing 

"gifted kid" to gay communist with adhd and depression pipeline

I'm surprised to see people still have spherical colored avatars after so long. I guess there must be some truth in orb bit

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